So, a bit of context...I’m fairly moderate-to-liberal, while my parents are Fox News watching, Limbaugh listening conservatives. (How I’ve survived in this house as long as I have is a mystery to me too.)

This kinda pisses me off. My parents learned about Nohemi Gonzalez, the CSULB student who was killed in Paris. Ever since they heard about her, all they can do is talk between themselves about just how ‘terrible’ it is to study abroad because rare occurrences like this can happen. I’ve been sitting here in my space for a while this morning, and at least once or twice one or the other parent has sarcastically quipped some variant of ‘Guess she broadened her horizons, all right’ or ‘Maybe this will teach students to think twice about going to other countries’. (Slightly-relevant tidbit: Neither of my parents have ever been out of the country. I would love to travel, though I lack the financial stability to currently do so.)

It makes me mad, but I sadly know from prior experiences that trying to talk to them about it would be like talking to a wall. (Wait, I think the wall would be more responsive. Scratch that.) I never had the chance to study abroad myself, though I often wanted to. At one point, my Community College offered a semester in Salamanca, Spain; it would have been perfect for Spanish-learning me except I could afford to go. Plus I’ve had friends who have taken semesters (or a year) abroad. So I respect anyone who studies in another country, and I think it’s super-disrespectful of someone you don’t know to judge them for wanting to go abroad when the (rare) tragedy like this happens.