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So, when I was younger, I was super politically active. I was an amateur activist in college and then it became my career. For five years or so I read (and wrote!) the blogs, went to the protests, called the representatives, did community outreach full time. And then I just... couldn’t any more. I went into teaching as Obama was being elected for the first time, and though as a citizen and a humanities teacher I’m still reasonably in-the-loop, I am no longer that person any more. I write and work for ed policy reform, but really don’t get too involved in any partisan shit. I figure I’m doing my part to make the world better teaching in a low-income public school. And honestly, having Obama in charge makes me weirdly feel okay with that.

I guess what I’m saying is, aside from all the other reasons I can’t stand Trump’s existence, I’m also really resentful at how I’m now being asked to get off my ass and campaign, etc. God forbid he ever get elected and I will have to get really politically active! And I feel old and tired!

Basically, I’m a bad person.

PS If you want further evidence of my badness, instead of phonebanking for Hillary in my spare time, or even staying informed, I’ve just been searching FB for the most inane shit I can find. Dog pics, etc. But wait that’s not the bad part. I stumbled across this article:


and the first thing I thought was, Whoa, if I had access to heroin and the desire to use it, I feel like I would be too cheap to waste it on my THREE kids! Shit’s expensive!


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