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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Guise guess who has her own website

Wow. Its Joyce Kulhawik.herpageWho? Just a Boston TV Legend from WBZ. She started on Evening Magazine doing reports for them. EM was like Chronicle but a million/zillion times better. Chronicle is and always has been booooring, EM never was. She then was their movie critic and part of the best news team EVER, Liz Walker, Jack Williams, Bob Lobel, Bruce Shwoegler (best meteorologist ever who nearly used to salivate when bad weather was coming) and Joyce Kulhawik doing movie reviews/entertainment news. She oozed total class and niceness even when giving a bad review. She was also a multiple cancer survivor who was always vocal about cancer and her experiences to aid others. Then a new producer came and fired her and Bob Lobel. Williams and Barry Burbank are the only survivors from when she was part of the team. Burbank should have been chief meteorologist years ago, should have replace Bruce, he is by far their best one but relegated to weekends and backup during the week.


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