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I'm siiiiick :'(

I just want to complain about having the plague. It came on Friday afternoon, started as a slight tickle in my throat. Now, oh now, I have a migraine, stuffy/runny nose, vomiting here and there, sore throat, coughing up some lovely green phlegm, clogged ears, the works. No fever thankfully, but I feel like SHIT.

This is fun. Very enjoyable.

Been taking a bath with epsom salt like every day, about to take another one and throw a ginger tea bag into it. Tons of coconut water and seltzer. Trading off between Mucinex and NyQuil. Puffs with lotion, so my nose is very soft.


But for some inexplicable reason I decided that this is the time for me to CLEAN! So I've been doing laundry and sweeping and throwing shit out all day.

UGH. HALP. I'm sitting on my couch wrapped in a pashima and silk scarf surrounded by tissues and various beverage bottles. Someone come make me a hot toddy.

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