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I recently got an aquaponics rig off of Kickstarter. Honestly, I'd forgotten that I'd ordered it until it showed up.

It sat in a corner for a few weeks until I finally decided that, screw it, I wanted my fish and fresh lettuce. Time to get it set up!

I have to give them credit. So many set-ups for bettas just tell you to toss it in a tiny bowl filled with tap water and hope for the best. This kit included not only the stuff for growing, but the stuff to clean the water, twice. The instructions had you take some water, clean it, give your fish a 'bath', then change out the water again. It's like they want your betta to live longer than a few weeks.


They also mentioned, four or five times, that the fish will feed the plants, not the other way around. So many people get the fish / plant set-up and assume they never have to feed the fish ever again.

Anyway, here is my fish, named Coe, after my favorite YouTube personality:

And here's him in his home (sorry for the mess of wires and the state of his decorations. I'm figuring out what to do there):


And here is where lettuce is going to happen!


I promise to do my best not to become a crazy fish person, posting here about how awesome my fish is. I've already googled betta groups, and they scare me a bit.

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