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I'd been craving Thai food for a long time, so when my sister said she was briefly swinging through town and wanted to meet up for chow on a weeknight, I thought MMM, YES, THAI.

But then I got a horrible cold and fell into bed and slept, actually called in sick to work, something I never do, and missus chritter found this place and I was like "Whatever, I'm dying."

Pure Thai Cookhouse.

PURE Thai Cookhouse is a genuine Thai shophouse style restaurant in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen that features homemade noodles from a prized family recipe. Pure also specializes in signature dishes you would find from the many vendors and shophouses from the farmlands of Phayao, in the North to the floating markets of Ratchaburi in Central Thailand, to the oceans and fishing villages of Krabi in the South.
David and Vanida Bank (Land Thai Kitchen, Land Northeast Thai, and Recipe) invite you to take a culinary journey at PURE and discover unadulterated Thai cooking.


Groupthinkers, I must tell you: we waited an hour on the sidewalk on a Wednesday night for a table at this little hole-in-the-wall on 9th avenue, which is something NYers never do, when all the joints up and down the street were empty and beckoning. And my god, was it ever worth it. The chicken satay was perfect. The special omelette on rice with beef and pork and veggies in savory sauce? So bizarre, so delicious. The dry noodles with crab and pork? Slightly sweet, sublime. The weird little appetizer that was a bunch of ground-up stuff meant to be wrapped in a lettuce leaf and eaten? I have no idea what was in it, but my god, the flavors, the heat. Too much cilantro for me, who have the soap-cilantro gene, but I didn't even mind that much.

The dishes were like about twelve bucks each, and generously portioned, easy to split three ways.

One of those meals where the dishes keep appearing and someone takes a bite first and mouths OH MY GOD to the rest of the table. If you're visiting NYC, here's a place that's on the cusp of being the next thing. Check it out.

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