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Gun Query for Americans

On that article on the MP about the new father getting killed by a stray bullet, I saw this comment and I need to ask questions:

Walked into a Target a few weeks ago and while I was getting a cart an older (over 70) man walked in with a weapon. What was he going to do with a gun in Target? What if he dropped it? What if he did feel "threatend" and tried to pull it out? Who would he end up shooting? And really, why did he feel the need to have a gun, in a store, in a small town?

I hate guns. I hate guns. Repeat, I hate guns. People seem to think that there are only good guys and bad guys. They don't realize that normally good people get angry, lose their temper, go into a rage, or get clumsy. And when a gun permit is issued it can't be known if the person is good, bad, stupid, clumsy, or nuts.

I do not feel safer with everyone walking around with a gun. I do not want to have to own a gun. It seems like we are getting to a bad place in this country, and I'm unsure if we'll be able to turn back.

I would love to see "the right to bear arms" rewritten or tossed.

(Emphasis mine)

This probably is a good example of the different cultural attitudes Canadians have to guns, because if I saw a random dude walk into Target with a visible gun I would IMMEDIATELY assume he was here to FUCK SHIT UP and I would call the cops.


Do you live where it's common to see people with guns, just walking down the street?* Is that a thing?

Illustration for article titled Gun Query for Americans

Like, this picture. Is this common? State-by-State?

*On trips to America, I'm always a bid saddened when museums, theme parks, etc. have to explicitly say they don't allow guns on premises.


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