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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I not only lodged an official complaint against doctor Jerk from Monday, but I saw the head of the practice who came in on his day off. (Also Dr. Jerk is a relief vet, not permanent staff. I still requested to never see him again). Head vet said he would speak to everyone, but the jerk specifically. They were extremely apologetic about how this had been handled. I was not charged for today’s exam.


Gus has lesions from a combination of things (dehydration and oral health decline as a result of the kidney stuff). I got him on an antibiotic which the vet said should start taking effect within 24 hrs. When his mouth calms down he should start eating again. His kidney panels aren’t great but the doc said he shouldn’t be this bad.

Plus, the antibiotic liquid is banana-scented. Gus doesn’t seem to mind. Better than cherry, I guess?

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