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Gus had a check-up Monday, and I got the results from the vet today. Gus is severely anemic. While his kidney panel was stable, his red blood count was so low, the vet thinks he has something else going on (cancer, bone marrow disease, etc) and originally proposed a transfusion. However, he decided it was not in Gus’s best interests. Gus is frail and might not survive a procedure when we don’t even know what’s causing the problem, and his kidneys are still failing. He had already had an x-ray, which showed nothing, and anything else diagnostic would be too invasive. He said keep him home, spoil him, and love him until the end.


Thank you everyone for your love and support since I’ve been on GT. I feel like he has all these aunts and uncles he’s never met, but will be feeling this hurt with me.

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