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Gus Update

Gus went to the vet last weekend to check on his ear infection and run a kidney panel. The ear infection is gone, but his kidney disease has progressed. He was diagnosed almost one year ago and has been on the Rx kidney food since. However the situation is progressive (no cure). We can only hope to maintain good levels for as long as possible. Today I got a bit of bad news. He is now in stage three. Though his urine is still clear (no blood, crystals, or protein) which is good, the other markers in the kidney panel are up from last winter. I’m going back Friday for a phosphorus check and blood pressure check, which I guess will give the doc a better picture of which direction to go with medication. But for now he is at least going to get an antacid. Vet said it isn’t dire, just a little worse than he’d hoped. Please keep my Gus man in all your loving thoughts forever and ever amen. :)

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