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Hi everyone. I wish I had better news. No one wishes this more than me. I got results back from the vet last Friday evening. All the test results declined from last time. Part of me already knew this since Gus has lost some weight and is so tiny and bony right now. He mostly just sleeps and uses the litter box (he still eats, just not as much as he used to).

The vet thinks it is time for sub-q fluids. I have an appointment tomorrow to show me how. I know it is just buying me time. I will do whatever I can for him that doesn’t cause him pain. He doesn’t appear to be in any discomfort. He still does Gus things, like demand to sit on the balcony so he can eat catnip and stalk birbs, greets me when I get home, yodels when he’s done using the potty. Last night I was petting him and he bit me (trust me, that’s good). If you’re the type to read anything into this, you might think he’s not ready to go anywhere.


I hope this is true. I hope I have more time with him. I hope the sub-q perks him up and help stabilize him and help his medicines do what they’re supposed to. But I don’t know. Like my dad said “Some cats live longer, maybe this is the life of Gus.”

I’m already a mess at work. There’s no good way for this to happen. Knowing it’s coming is little comfort. At least I can be with him as much as I can.

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