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Gus Update. A Gupdate.

On Tuesday, Mr. Gus had his teeth cleaned. I wasn’t sure how bad it was going to be (a few years ago, he needed two extractions), but this time it went well! Just some moderate tartar and no extractions. He was done in a couple of hours. They gave him IV fluids and also sub-Q fluids, due to his kidney dx. The vet also reran his blood to see where his kidney levels were. The BUN was down (good!) but the creatinine was up (originally, it was high-normal, now it is no longer normal). They think it’s due to dehydration, so Guess Who’s Getting A Water Fountain???

He’s also officially no longer allowed to have any non-Rx food (I was still giving him his nightly Temptations treats, with the ok of the vet). Since no one seems to make prescription cat treats (seriously guys, get on this), the vet gave me instructions on baking his wet food into treats. That’s right, I baked for the Gus Cat. I don’t even bake for me.


This was after we got home. Look at them pupils, he’s trippin balls. The vet was like “Oh, keep him calm, don’t let him go up the stairs, yadda yadda.” I tried to keep him in a downstairs room with water and a bed and he wanted none of that. I opened the door and he ripped up the stairs, faster than when he’s lucid. Then he just chilled in my room for the rest of the day. He ate wet food almost right away and crunchies that night. He would cringe when I’d come near him (probably thought I was going to take him back to The Bad Place) but then when I’d pet him, would become suuuuper affectionate, purring loud and buffing on my hand hard. He was a little weirdo for several hours. Now he’s completely back to normal and the vet said he put back on almost a full pound!

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