I heard back from the vet re: his “senior work-up” from a couple weeks ago. Most things are fine, but a couple things aren’t. Thyroid, white count, liver, and proteins are all normal. His urine concentration is a little low and his kidney levels are a little high. Everything is borderline right now, but it indicates the very early stages of kidney disease. I have to switch him to Rx food and have everything checked more often, but they said we caught it extremely early (so it pays to listen to your intuition, take them to the vet even when there’s no obvious reason, but you think “something” is off!). With the new diet and regular monitoring he can live a normal life span. They say he’ll be fine, but he’s my baby, so I’m emotional. I’m researching the prescription food, which of course is 2x as much as his regular stuff. And I have to get a fancy robot feeder to keep the other housecats out.

Does anyone have experience with kidney disease? Encouraging words?