Someone said my mom sounds legit, to which I responded, yes, she is a badass indeed. And it got me thinking why I regard Momma Jiffy as such an awesome lady person. First, she was always open and accepting of me, my sis and our broad spectrum of friends. She never turns away anyone who needs help. One time my sister's bff stayed with us after her POS mom kicked her out when she was pregnant with her second child. She taught us about our bodies without fear and shame when we asked. She curses like a sailor and has a wicked sense of humor. She is a person who readily admits her flaws and knows that she can always improve, and actively tries to do so. She is god-fearing (which is important to her) but doesn't shit on those who aren't. She's strong and humble and caring. She stuck with my dad through his ugly crack addiction and they are almost at the 30 year mark. She's my best friend and truly encapsulates what it means to have parents who mean it when they say, "don't ever think you can't talk to me about anything."

So tell me what makes your parent/guardian/mentor/parental figure so awesome to you!