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Guy Walks Into a Walmart, buys gun, shoots self in parking lot

In my hometown, the land of 31 day jail sentences for rapists, we have this story which makes both pro-gun and pro-gun control advocates' nightmare come true. (Trigger Warning: suicide, gun violence, obvs)

A guy in his early 20s walked into the West End (suburban sprawl) Walmart and bought a shotgun. He then walked back to his car and shot himself in the head. There is literally no more news than that. A few comments in the Billings Gazette's article suggested he was suffering from mental illness and was 18 years old.


I left Montana partially BECAUSE I needed better and more reliable mental health care than what was available there. At the Mental Health Center, I tried to schedule an appt to see a psychiatrist. They told me it would be MONTHS before I could even be put on the WAIT LIST.

These flyover states get left out of so many advancements (like broadband access). Mental health care is another one.

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