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Guys And Dolls the movie anyone liked it? Also bonuses and an English question

I saw this on stage twice and never liked it. Oddly on stage I found Sister Sarah and Sky’s story to be more enjoyable. With the movie I vastly preferred Nathan Detroit and Adelaide’s story. I think it was the performances. Brando seemed to have been phoning it in. Jean Simmons never understood her popularity as an actress she always seems too stiff and never believable. Convnce me why she was good.

The play is based on the Idlylls of Miss Sarah Brown and Blood Pressure both by Damon Runyon. I have found the story Blood Pressure. The language is quite stilted and very slangy. No clue if he is taught today in schools or forgotten.


Its 10 pages long.

A question about language. Many of the words used in the musical objectify women. Dolls, dames and broads. Only Luck is referred to as a Lady. Thank god these objectifying words are extinct. Well broad I last heard in the 90s. The term guy is alive and well. Oddly guy has never been an objectifying word for male it always was just a slang term for male. Doll in the movie seemed at most points to be a predecesser to objectifying term of today honey as a really bad word for endearment to in some cases came across as the b word and also just as slang for woman. Dame and broad well another word for the b word. Not sure if dame was considered a more polite way of saying the b word.


These three words are archaic. Yet other words objectifying women have replaced these. Is it because they are too connected with prohibition era America that they became archaic?

Or am I as my mother puts it a fuddy duddy who cannot just enjoy a musical and just look at it as just the way people spoke then. She thinks one should enjoy the musical for the music and realize it was a different time.


Or am I just way too deep in the weeds examining the words.

Scene from movie. Not sure name of song. Its an example of how objectifying the language was towards women.

Does anyone like the musical?

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