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"Guys Don't Like Girls That Wear A Lot of Makeup."

I had worked in a traditionally dominated field (athletics), for many years. I was flipping through my journal that I kept during these years, and found a passage that really made me thing.

One of my male coworkers had approached me, inquiring as to I wore makeup, because, according to him:

"Guy's don't like girls that wear a lot of make-up. Do you wear it to impress other women?"

I explained that, shockingly, I wear make-up to impress nobody but myself. I am an artist when I'm not stuck at work, and I am a moderately tattooed woman whose tattoos are covered by business attire. My make-up is a way to express myself artistically that was still acceptable at my job. I view painting my face as no different than painting an empty canvas. I don't do it to deter or attract a male partner, (I'm heterosexual, but it still irked me that heteronormative culture is so prevalent, what if I was a lesbian?) or to impress the women around me.


He then replied, "Well, it's feminine. How does this fit in the feminist agenda?"

I explained that being feminine does not equate that you are anti-feminist.

Again, women's bodies are constantly objectified, sexualized, and commoditized. I'm wondering if any other feminists have had similar experiences? What are your thoughts?

PS- I'd like to say that I think that any gender can wear make-up and look fierce/fantastic, I just use the terms "woman"/ "women" because they are relevant here.

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