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Possible pregnancy talk ahead. Need input.




Carbs guy and I have been trying to make a baby.

So I’ve been off birth control (regular old daily pill) since late August. I was on pretty much consistently for I dunno 12-14 years. I quickly returned to regular cycle and have been tracking ovulation. We had sex times numerous times specifically while I had lh surge/was ovulating. I’m due for period today. I had spotting for about 24 hours last Friday and then it went away. No period seeming symptoms. I’m not sure that that was an actual period..


Today I took an early result preg test and the pregnant line came up but VERY faintly. AM I PREGNANT????? yes I know it’s early too early but I NEED TO KNOW NOWWWWWWW. My nipples hurt. Not really nauseaous... it’s hard to say cuz I’ve been eating poorly this week (holiday related poor food choices..) so I dunno if I’ve felt crummy due to cookies for lunch or pregnancy.

Can you shake the magic 8 ball and just tell me if I am or not??? The suspense is killing me.

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