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Welcome To The Bitchery

Guys, I have, like, 5 things to tell you

1. If it’s even remotely cool enough, I’m baking this bread tonight:

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I’ve made it a few times before and it’s super quick and easy and YUMMY.

2. I’m so, so sick of men in my classes challenging me for no good reason. Yesterday, a student who’s missed the last couple of weeks of class tried to shout down me and his classmates about the reading for last night. And if you’re wondering, yes, that’d be the reading he hadn’t done before class and just skimmed as we were discussing it. Perhaps, perhaps the people in the room who’ve done the actual reading more in depth, with the tools we worked on while you were gone, might actually know more than the guy who just skimmed it, even though we are women!


I don’t even mind being challenged by my students, normally—that’s how we all learn. But to act as if class should stop for your interpretation when you truly have no idea about critical theory (‘cuz, you know, you’ve missed two weeks of class!) and to try to shout down a room of bright, capable women is just ARGH!!!!!!

3. I’m trying to find cool art for my living room and cruising etsy. I found a cute print and, when I looked at the description to find the dimensions, read the most bs stuff ever. Seriously, the description literally said, “Just like the meaning of life, who the heck knows?” It’s a cute print but I’m not sure I could ever put it up on my wall now because I’d just be thinking that every time I saw it.


4. Anyone in GT land who lives near an Ikea: you could make a fortune shipping small Ikea orders across the country to those of us who don’t. THIS IS A LEGITIMATE BUSINESS MODEL.

5. It could totally work for Trader Joe’s, too.

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