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Welcome To The Bitchery

Guys look how cute my room is!

I put up a curtain today (so no more peeking from the guys across the street! There’s a nightschool or something across from me..) and bought a laundry bag and a rug! It’s so cute!

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The chair is my housemate’s, so is the round thing. (right as I was typing this post up my housemate comes home and goes ‘hey do you want this closet thing?’ BAM closet! :D)

The only thing I really miss right now is my own bed (in the corner is a single bed with basically a thin mattress on a wooden plank. I was hoping to move it this weekend but ex boyfriend is all ‘where will I sleep?’ since he is currently sleeping on my mattress on his bed and he lent his mattress to his friend a while ago. Who is conveniently out of the country for the next 3 goddamn weeks! I want my bed :( (and my bedside table, it belonged to my moms great-aunt and he hates it anyway). My stuff I can miss for another 3 weeks. But my bed? Boo :(
I could just go ‘just figure it out because I’m taking what’s mine!!’ but I feel like I’ve already hurt him enough with the whole leaving him thing so.. I’m not sure if I’ll have the guts to move this weekend.


On a different note. I’m not sure if it’s the MA pill or the new dosage of my thyroid medication but the last two weeks I’ve been far from myself. I’m both very tired as EXTREMELY HYPERACTIVE! I’m exhausting myself. I can’t stop talking (even when I’m being totally vapid and want to stop but I just can’t somehow!), have a hard time focusing, all that. Of course combined with stomach cramps but I don’t mind those so much. I hope tomorrow, after a good nights rest thanks to my shiny new curtain, I’ll feel more balanced :)

How are you all doing? Share with me!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I just gave my number to a guy on tinder for the first time. We are apping now and sending each other cat pictures and farting animals emoticons. Because that’s how we roll. I’m laughing far too hard at this.

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