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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Guyz, Emilie Autumn is Maybe Awesome?

So, I'm not that great about the whole "flippant", "witty&quick" type stuff, so my first real GT post will be heavy and full of hubris. I mean... it'll be "hard hitting" and "really make you think". Maybe?

But seriously, I keep trying to think of small things that can work as posts, but they don't for me.


So, I'm sorry. In advance.

Have people seen this? Seriously? Is it as awesome as I think it is?

F.L.A.G by Emilie Autumn - Official Video (by Emilie Autumn Liddell)

Like, a huge, awesome Victorian/punky/violin!/awesome orgy of like, Benedict and Sam and Dean and Eric the Vamp all putting on an erotic show for you and you alone?


Anyone want to school me in Emilie Autumn? is she as awesome as I think she is? Help, GT!

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