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Gym Attire And Story Time!

Ok, so I scheduled my first gym appointment with my neighbor/trainer. Woot!

I need some gym attire advice on what to get. It's been a while since I've been a gym bunny.


Ok, so in my area, there are basically two stores within my price range. There are a few more, but they're all for the hardcore rich that reside in the towns that surround mine. Which is odd-why would they place a dinky university town smack dab in the middle of some of the most famous neighborhoods in the US? But I digress.

The main reason: all my old workout attire is way big. Like, falls down my waist big. Sport bras are bigger to the point where they'll fly off. Plus my tennis shoes are all wrecked.

So, the stores are Nike and Luluemon. I'm not doing yoga, but here's what I need like, today: tennis shoes, workout pants-two pairs of the long ones-socks, about three tank-ish shirts, and two good sports bras. I've been to Lulumon before, but never Nike.

But I want shoes that look like this:


Yes, pink is preferable. I like pink.

So, what are your recommendations for gym shoes and attire, specifically, if possible, at these stores?


Ok, so I need to tell this story. It's really a good one. In my opinion, and I hope y'all like it:

Ok, so my grandma (Barbie-yes, for real) used to live in LA. Born and raised, moved back in the late 80's. Now, my grandpa was a banker or something that made that ca$h money, so basically Barbie got the best of the best. Fur coats, diamonds, etc. (they are all willed to me, because I'm her fav). But enough about the family budget. Let's get to the gym thing.


Ok, so basically she was training at the best gym. She was about 57 or something at the time. I wish I knew what it was called. Anyways, she had a workout partner. A very tall blonde, who was in Pulp Fiction. Oh, bless Barbie's heart, she only knew this gal was an actress: "That beautiful tall girl, Miss Uma. So lovely and nice. We would chat about everything!". My grandmother had never seen an Uma Thurman film. But they got lunch together on the reg. Encouraged each other. And that's just one of Barbie's amazing, weird, brushes with fame. Another one includes Clark Gable. But not at a gym! (Not trying to name drop, I just thought y'all would enjoy another story from the kooky lives of the Viva clan).

Edit: I got everything I needed! And now I am exhausted (ain't nobody got time to...ok I don't know, but for some reason I'm beat). Thank you guys so much for the advice. AND I FOUND PINK SHOES! Mission accomplished.


But the people at Nike were hella rude. Lululemon-much nicer.

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