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Gym Awkwardness? Mostly Because Neighbor Owns It-And The Party

Post about the party and joining a gym.

So...I found a gym I can join with exercise I can handle. With an awesome reputation. And the results I want.


That's the rad news. The weird news is...

My neighbor owns it. And I don't know how to go about asking him about it.

I have two options that I can think of:

1) Slip a note under his door and ask about it. I kinda know him, because we met up in town and walked back to the complex together, just talking. Also, he lives on my floor. So we say hi and stuff.


2) I can call the gym for a tour. But my fear: the tour would be lead by my neighbor. And I don't want it to be strange, because I actually want to join. All the yelp reviews are 5 stars.

I've been doing pretty well health-wise: eating more veggies and fruit, walking a lot, monitoring how many Trader Joe's chocolate covered marshmallows I eat (they are the best!), and basically motivating myself to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I'm a pretty strong person by nature-I throw a mean left hook and can basically take on someone twice my size. But I still want to improve, because it would be good for my neurosis and stuff. I want to intensify my workouts. Please, SOS, help!


On to the party! It went really well. Of course, two people decided not to show-but they both got job offers so thats cool. The other guests were awesome! One brought a $300.00 bottle of Rose, which I kept. Traded her with the left over champs. My other two guest were great too. It was a nice gathering. Except, um, I smoke some pot.

Yeah, kinda not a big deal, but I rarely smoke up. I've never had an addiction issue with pot, because I never really did it. Actually, I'm kinda against it, so I guess I'm a hypocrite. I mentioned, when I wrote about my guests last weekend, that it was against complex rules. But my landlady made the exception for my friend-he has a card and mental issues. But he offered me a puff, and I obliged. Well, I couldn't stop laughing and thought people could read my thoughts, among gibberish only I could understand. Here is the appropriate gif:


I basically made them take profile picks for me-which they had no problems with-and in each photo I looked like a complete lunatic. But hey, buy the ticket, take the ride. I suppose I regret nothing!

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