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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Long story short (heh): last week I bought a new pair of exercise shorts. Silly Korra tried them on, figured "hey, they fit and they're cheap and they won't give me heat-stroke" and put them in the cart.

Today I tried them on and realized holy shit these are very short! Most shorts ride up on me anyway cuz I have a luscious south-end, but with these it looks like I'm wearing volleyball shorts. I bought them when I was on vacation in Indiana and already took off the tags so I'm kind of stuck with them.


The question is: should I say FUK THE PATRIARCHY I DO WAT I WANT and wear them to the gym anyway or should I keep them as pajama bottoms/wear them under dresses (even though they might not work anyway because of the foldover waistband)? I know logically that I will get oggled at no matter what I wear and that I worked hard and am proud of my legs and butt and I should wear whatever makes me comfortable and I honestly don't give a fuck about gym decency, but on the other hand I'm worried my pants will get me too much unwanted attention and I'm unsure about the YMCA's dress code (I can't find any listed for New York).

What say you, GT? My penny-pinching-ness is making this issue way deeper than it should be.

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