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Gym Wear

So a group of young women (they look younger than 32 yr old me) at my gym have taken to wearing these while exercising.

And then a lady helping me when I was buying workout pants at GAP a few weekends ago told me she wears one, too.


I think they are believing they will “waist-train” like tight-lacing corsets is supposed to do. The website says “On a Jog, Biking or Running - Combine Miss Belt with any exercise to accelerate your progress and see results faster!” Yet naturally there is no actual information about them.

Weirdly, they all wear them over their workout shirts. I guess you can’t wear them on bare-skin (that seems like it would hurt), but isn’t the point that all the dudebros just think you’re super curvy and hot and not see the spandex reshaping it? Who knows. Maybe they provide good back support.

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