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Welcome To The Bitchery

So my uterus is acting wonky, and I have an appt with my gyno on the 9th. I thought I’d crowdsource here first bc I tend to forget to ask questions while I’m there, and I hate the gyno (I know, no one really likes it), so I’d like to get it all in while I’m there. Any guidance is helpful! I’m figuring someone has been through similar.

I am 36, one kid (almost 3), history of miscarriage and have epilepsy. I have an IUD, and this is my third IUD. Never had issues with those. Lately I’ve had irregular period (like 3 or more a month) and they are long and painful. Heavy bloating, backpain, the works. I basically DONT have at least spotting around 4 days a month. Weird right? Going on probably 9 months. Went to my family practitioner who wouldn’t treat me without a pap and then that pap came back inconclusive, then that office closed, and I was unable to follow up, so now I’m seeing the guy who delivered my daughter, which is annoying bc he’s so far, but probably just as well.


My skin is also freaking out, I’m also always uncomfortable bc of bloating and general abdominal/ pelvic pain, and my hair is thinning (which I thought was from the kid, but she’s almost 3 and ...)

I do workout, but I can’t go as hard as I’d like bc I’m always tired (could be the new epilepsy med). I eat relatively well (I mean, I like ice cream, but other than that).

I know to ask about PCOS, cysts, endromitosis (sp that wrong)- but I’d like to quickly be taken seriously and not wait out a diagnosis. Any advice?

If you got this far, and put up with my typos, thank you! 

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