I just discovered the ADD way to cook Gyozen - a cup of water in a non-stick pan + 3 tbsp of oil + 20 gyozen on medium heat, cover for 27 minutes, freak out at the 23rd minute = gyozen with a nice crispy bottom. Dipping sauce - sriracha sauce, hoysen sauce, sweet sauce. Damn it was good. For some reason when I moved I brought all the chopsticks with me so I have about 20-30 sets and it takes me forever to decide which ones to use. I wolfed them down in minutes - now I think I need to slow down and enjoy them but they were so good. I had some of cabbage ones tonight - I am going to try the cilantro ones that are supposed to be w/o cabbage tomorrow night (or later tonight if I get hungry and find some more patience). I hope everyone is having a good holiday season!