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Hey folks - I need a favor/have a question. I know there are probably some car people among us (also if anyone has privs on the jalopnik subblog, feel free to share there!!)

So I bumped a deer last night on the way home - it darted out. No damage to my car other than a broken headlight lens on the driver side - even the actual lamps are unharmed. I was doing some searching and it looks like I’ll need to buy a whole new headlamp assembly. Is it really that hard to just buy the plastic lenses?? I’d like to not sink a couple hundred bucks, but I understand that I may have to if the whole assembly needs to be replaced if lenses alone are that hard to find. Also, if I DO have to replace the entire assembly, is it a job I can do myself/with some help? I’m not completely unfamiliar and I have replaced my headlamps before on my own without any trouble, so if it’s a matter of just some simple tools, I can probably do it.

I drive a 2011 Jetta, base model - nothing fancy, no LEDs or anything like that.


Thank yooooooou!!

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