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Habits RPG

A friend of mine passed this along to me. Any GTers use this before? It looks cute* and fun!


Sunday next week I have to run 16km and I haven't trained in 3 weeks.. I R scared. Reason for not training is simply mental, emotional and physical slump I've been in. Starting today I feel pretty good though! So tomorrow we are running again.


Would you use this? Have you used this? Share with me your thoughts!

*I think the thing itself could be designed better, but look at those adorable pixels/avatars! It does look like a lot of work to set and maintain though..

PS: For whoever wondered (nobody), boyfriend was told that he needs to care for me when I'm sick and took it to heart. Did groceries, was quiet and cooked me the dinner I wanted/needed while I napped and recovered (even though he was sore all over from moving shit at work all week). Yay!

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