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Had a bit of a scare this evening

So I am sitting at my desk, when I hear Mr. Ivriniel call my name. When I don't answer immediately he calls me again. I say "What?" and he says, "I need help."

I rush to the bathroom, asking what is the matter. He tells me that he scratched his face and he started bleeding. I wonder why he needs my help with that, just as I arrive at the washroom. There is blood splattered across the toilet. The words "arterial spray" come to mind. He is holding the side of his face with a piece of toilet paper. I rush to the kitchen for the first aid supplies, and when I come back with gauze, he lifts the toilet paper, asking me how bad it is. The fountain of blood that shoots from his face is enough to make me clamp the gauze down.

I ask him if he has his wallet with him, grab his shoes for him, and tell him I am taking him to the Emergency Room.


He hems and haws a little but just put his shoes down and tell him to put them on and get in the car (Unstated threat: If you do not get in the car, I will call my mother the retired RN, and she will cajole you into it). While he puts his shoes on, I rush to the stove and turn off the heat under the cherry jam I was making, and switch off the burner under my canner,

Fortunately we live less than a 10 minute drive away from the hospital. I drive up to Emerg, and drop him off, before parking the car. B the time I get in, he's in triage.

They let me in to triage, since Mr. I can't remember his Doctor's name, or my cellphone number. By then, the bleeding has stopped, so we go and sit in the waiting room.

After about 2 hours, he sees the Doctor. Turns out he somehow nicked a semi major artery when he scratched his face. He had this weird looking lump he had been picking at earlier in the week, that he thought was a zit. It was the lump that he scratched.


The Doctor cauterized it to make sure it stays shut and sent him home.

So now I am back home, trying to get that canning taken care of before I go to bed.

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