Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I recently decided I needed to try therapy, because my insecurity, fear of failure and insomnia have gone through the roof. I'm not sure what is causing this, because I don't feel particularly stressed, but at the same time I'm having this extreme stress response. I barely sleep anymore and I go through bad spells of obsessive negative thoughts, especially around my academic work (which has been fantastic based on grades, but in my mind, I'm convinced I'm just coasting and not putting in the effort I need to) and forming new friendships with other students in my MA program.

So last week I finally found someone who seemed like a good fit and booked an appointment. I saw her today and, even though I was nervous and I've always been hesitant to try therapy in the past, I really liked it. I'm going to see the therapist again in two weeks. It was great to have my feelings validated, because I was beating myself up for not being able to cope with the stress of moving to a new city and starting this program and making new friends. And, objectively speaking, things are going great for me! I love the people in my program and have actually made friends, my grades so far have been great, I love what I'm studying and I'm on top of my work.


So, any advice for someone who is completely new to therapy, GT? The therapist's style is very narrative - she has me tell her my history and how past stressors could have left memories in my body that stimulate a stress response in similar situations, which I find very interesting.

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