Hello lovely groupthinkers! Last time I made a post i proceeded to pass out and forgot about it (I gave fair warning, but I still feel bad! Sorry people of this amazing, weird, lovable community!)

I won’t lie and say that’s an impossibility now but I’m waiting on a surgeon to review my case and tell me what’s up with my awesome neck pain/herniated disc(s) and in the spirit of Melania Trump I was thinking about batshit crazy things people have done that they thought they’d get away with! Who have you busted in a terribly obvious fashion???

Here’s mine: my (now-ex) husband sent a dick pic to my BEST FRIEND. Yes. Not only did he somehow think she wouldn’t tell me (probably the most insulting part TBH) but he then tried to say she’s always hated me anyways as his...excuse? I don’t even know what you’d call it...when confronted. CRAZY!