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Hail Caeser not bad but focus was in error, spoilers








My mother was going to see some movie about a ship ? Hours. I was going to see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. But she does not want to be only person in the theater so the clerk said sales were real low due to storm yesterday and no one bought tickets for her movie. So she said “let’s see Hail Caser” so we did.


I liked it. I loooooved the scenes focusing on the making of the 1950s movie. The scene with the singing cowboy hired to be part of a Drawing Room movie was hysterical.

The scenes with Clooney. I really disliked them. The scenes showing him making the movie Hail Caeser which was so obviously Ben Hur were fantastic and focused on how pretentious and prone to speeches as dialogue.

The scenes with Clooney as kidnap victim. Oh god were they bad. They came across as too cute by half and self indulgent. Yes we know the writers for this movie can write clever dialogue but these scenes came across as “aren’t we such good writers and how clever we are pat us in the head”. The kidnappers were screen wrijters and communists.

My mother really liked the Scarlet Johanson scenes. She loved how it spoofed the total control the studio had over the performers. She thought her character was a merge of Jean Harlow and Esther Williams. I am gonna have to look up that Jean Harlow reference she made. My mother also loved the spoof on Carmen Miranda and of course she loved the sailors dancing scene which she believes was a takeoff on South Pacific.


I thought part of the movie was blown. I would have dumped the kidnapping storyline and concentrated more on the singing cowboy. He had this innocence but also clever. I would have loved to have had it focused on having an actor who cannot really act but a star in bad B westerns to making him a star on A movies. Also the side story the making of Hail Caeser. Have Brolin’s character try to make Hail Caeser come in on time and pleasing to the religious along with getting a lousy yet popular B movie actor to fit in a A list movie.

I would have ended the second to last scene with the singing cowboy getting the Academy Award for acting and Hail Caeser as Best Picture. Then close with Mannix and his assistant walking through the studio.


The scenes showing the 50s movies and behind the scenes were fantastic. Brolin noot bad but secondary to the scenes. The Johanson storyline was interesting. I loved the singing cowboy storyline. The date that was setup between the cowboy and Carmen Miranda was sweet and funny. I loved how the cowboy was looking at his movie with Carmen and realized the audience and Carmen were concentrating not on him but the fool complaining about the moon.

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