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Hair advice for my sister

Sigh, I feel so bad for my sister. She's 12 with really gorgeous, long curly hair, but she hates it. I don't have curly hair, but I promised to help her figure out a way to manage her hair and have it look nice. The other day, she asked my mom if my mom could straighten her hair more often, and it made me upset to hear her talk so negatively about her hair. It's honestly so pretty! I know of a few tips that I've told her (don't wash your hair with shampoo every time you shower, don't brush your hair with a brush, condition well, etc.). But any advice from all of you curly-haired people? Products you use, etc.? Her hair isn't super curly. It starts out a bit wavy at the top and gets curlier as it goes down. I think her main problem is definitely the frizz.

Also, it bugs me how my mom handles this situation. My mom has naturally curly hair, but she straightens it so much that you wouldn't know. And my mom is always telling my sister that her hair looks messy, which is so dumb to tell her because it obviously makes her feel worse!


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