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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Hair advice: HALP!!

I haz the confuzzled. I am so very very not happy with style I got last time I got my hairs cut. And I gave the stylist the same instructions I had given the one before, who gave me the bestest cut of hairs ever in my lives, and she said she could just follow what the other stylist had done, so WHYYYYYYYYY? Why does it suck this time?

But this is immaterial. It sucks. I can do nothing with it. It hangs limply, like a very limp thing. So I need to do something about it. I have been looking at pinterest and googling short hairstyles, but HOW DO I KNOW IF THEY WILL LOOK GOOD WITH MY FACE!!???? Also, I KNOW that if it's long enough, I will be tucking that shit behind my ears, and that pretty much kills all the stylie-style.


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