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In a half-hearted attempt to do something different with my hair, I bought a box of dye last night. I didn’t want anything too drastic, maybe just a shade or two lighter than my typical jet black hair and hopefully covering up the maybe 20 strands of gray hair I have.

I picked up this, and it was the WORST IDEA. I like the color I ended up with (sorta), which is basically my same hair color but in more of a warmer dark chocolate tone to it. But it did jack shit for my grays. Like, I left it on for an hour and not a single strand was covered. I obviously can’t say much about its ability to color since I knew it was going to be an uphill battle, but I was really wishing at the very least it would do something more than what being out in the sun all day would do.


So I looked around online and found esalon.com, and they have a system set up much like Stitchfix or True&Co, but for hair. So you put in a bunch of information about your hair color, skin tone, dying habits, etc and they give you a limited range of colors of hair dye to choose from that they can customize and deliver to you. It’s $20, but if it’s your first order it’s $10.

So I’m curious, has anyone on GT used esalon before? Overall I’m seeing excellent reviews, and considering it’s the same price as the box of nothing I put on my head it seems fairly low risk. Thoughts? Other suggestions of hair things to try out?

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