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Hair Care Advice?

I've just run out of my current, unimpressive shampoo and conditioner, and I'm looking to upgrade to something a bit nicer than the cheapest stuff at Target. My red hair is naturally curly, though I'm not sure what type of curl—somewhere between 2b and 3a, I'm guessing. It's very long at this point (about two inches above my belly button at its longest point when straight). It straightens easily enough, taking less than 20 minutes to do it all. At this point, I usually straighten it to keep it looking better for work, but I'd like to wear it curly more. No matter whether I'm wearing it curly or straight, though, I'm always worrying about frizz and devil's curls around my temples.

At this point, I usually wash it twice a week, throw in some CHI Silk Infusion, and let it air dry. If it's going to stay curly, I scrunch in some Garnier Curl-Sculpting Cream Gel; if I'm straightening, I spray it with CHI 44 Iron Guard. I'm interested in recommendations here as well!


I'm looking for a shampoo/conditioner set that will work well at minimizing frizz and will be good both when I'm letting my hair stay natural and when I've straightened it. It would be great if it could also fortify or strengthen the hair, since my hair is so long. Some additional pluses would be something that increases shine, repairs existing damage, or just generally smooths it. Right now I'm looking to find something at Ulta, especially with the big shampoo/conditioner sale they have going on right now.

Please tell me some of you have recommendations!

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