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Hair color and frequency of street harassment

I dye my hair a lot. I also get cat called a lot. I noticed that the amount of cat calls I received varied by what color my hair happens to be. I currently have light sunny blond and as always when I go blond, the cat calls ramp up into overdrive.

Here is a list of hair colors and responses I've gotten:

Natural hair colors:

  • Blond: Highest frequency of harassment.
  • Red: Second highest frequency of harassment. Also seems to be a niche for a particular kind of creepers.
  • Brunette: Harassed, but not nearly to the frequency of the above. Sometimes mistaken for Latina or something else "exotic" (as one eloquent gas station attendant told me) which is also a niche creeper calling card.

Unnatural hair colors:

  • Green: The only hair color in which I had almost the opposite of being sexually harassed. I had several men yell at me about how unattractive it was and how I was ruining myself.
  • Pink: Creep magnet.
  • Lavender/mint/peach/purple/etc: Appeals to a certain demographic of creepers. Sometimes met with "It's okay about your hair! You're still bangin'!"

I can see why blond would result in more street harassment. Blond hair in our society is often a "sign" for sexual promiscuity or receptivity. I think there may be some appeal to knowing a woman is a "bottle" blond because of the "type" of woman who is perceived to dye her hair blond. I'm sure there are also some racial implications that I'd rather have a WOC talk about.

Moral of the story: All women should dye their hair Manic Panic Electric Lizard.


I'm interested to see if any of you guys have noticed being harassed or catcalled more often based on hair color/style/etc.

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