Hokay...this is the story. I went to Sally several weeks ago and after ooohhing and aaahhing over everything there, I decided on a hair color of Darkest Plum Brown. I kept thinking, "get the plum black," but I did not follow my own advice.

Naturally my hair is medium-dark brown. It has red-tones in it, which I managed to forget. So, yesterday I dyed my hair (I have done this on my own countless times throughout my life so I've got the hang of it) and used a #20 Developer. The color did come out dark plum brown, but I feel like there is too much red in the color.

{side note: my hair is very healthy right now- I waited until I knew it would be okay}

The problem I have with a purple with red in it is that red looks weirdo with my skin. I'm like glow in the dark white, but my face is very pink and red most of the time.

I normally dye my hair black or blue black (just from the drugstore) during the fall/winter and leave it alone the rest of the year. I wanted to keep it in some sort of brown range this year- but at this point I'm considering black in a few weeks, or if you guys can help:

-I would be okay/happy if it was very dark purple. I don't know how to achieve this and I don't ever color correct my hair. I've had it pro color stripped and I don't want to do that to my hair again.


  • could I use something like Ion Color Brillance in purple to just add more of a purple hue that I want?

-should I just go black (which I'm fine with- my eyebrows could match my hair)?

-other things that you colorful hair people know?

Thanks in advance!!