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Welcome To The Bitchery

Hair colour and perception thereof.

So, Mr. Ivriniel's brother got a web comic to draw a picture of Mr. Ivriniel and I kinda steampunk style, based on pictures of our wedding. Which was a very nice thing to do.

Then Mr. I's brother's wife hand coloured it in with pencil crayons. Also a very nice thing to do.


She coloured my hair with a yellow pencil crayon.

I am not blonde. You can see photos from our wedding here:

My hair is decidedly brown.

I am just confused by this.

I dunno. My sister in law calls herself a blonde, but her hair's this very ashy dark blonde. Definitely not the golden blonde of a yellow pencil crayon. Maybe because she imagines her hair to be represented by the yellow pencil crayon, she also imagines that mine is?

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