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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Ok, y'all. I'm going to quit my bitching and get my hairs cut tomorrow. All of them. Even the ones round the back. It's gotten to that point where it can't decide if it wants to flip out or curl under and it's all pulled down by its own weight so what is normally pretty lacking in volume is now completely dead.


Here's the starting ground (which will get taken down in the morning):

It's longer than that now, and the front is longer than the back, but you get the idea. Slightly more flattering (maybe) picture, but less accurate-to-date hair:

See how it just lies there and doesn't do anything, even though I curled it? Yeah. My hair is a dick. And that one side that the bangs don't go to? There's an evil cowlick on that side, just at the hairline at the temple, which means that everything that happens on that side is at the mercy of the evil cowlick. I really hate that cowlick. When the weather is humid, Evil Cowlick comes out to play and brings his friends and demands to be seen by the world.


So what do I do with it? Is there a haircut that makes my nose look less like I've been lying all day? Because I want that haircut. I know that I'm pretty plain, so I'm not expecting miracles, but it would be nice to have something that I at least felt was semi-flattering. I can never tell if the cut that looks cute on the model will be anywhere close to flattering on my face, and I've always been a bit scared to go too short because I already feel like I look like a fat ugly boy and shorter would just exacerbate that? So, Gurus of Girliness, help a sister out? Give me some ideas, something to take into the hairdresser and say, "This. I want this." Because they never understand my hand-waving and non-hair-educated language. I don't know the difference between a bob and pageboy, so I don't know how to tell them what I want.

In other news, I had a dream that I was complaining to Martin Freeman (who, in the dream, was actually *ahem* someone else who just happened to be Martin Freeman at that moment because dreams are like that) about the Evil Cowlick and he called it a "Sexy Curl" and I'm still blushing.

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