I'll put the food question first because the hair question is long and twisted.

My sibling bought canned salmon from Trader Joe's and there were bones and skin mixed in with the fish so she had to pick through it all before using it. Is this standard for canned salmon? Could she have gotten a bad can or should she just expect this to be a thing? (She got the canned salmon so she could make salmon cakes from her pantry if she didn't feel like going grocery shopping. Also it's cheaper than fresh or frozen.).

Ok, on to the hair dilemma. I have never had a good haircut. In more than 40 years, never. Not once. My hair is really fine and fly away and sort of curly (especially when it's short - I look like a fucking poodle) and sadly frizzy. Hair stylists always feel my hair and immediately think they need to add volume. But since my hair frizzes like a boss them adding volume just makes it look worse. I've tried to explain this to various stylists over the years but no one listens and then I wind up growing out weird layers and shingles and god knows what and looking like I've just stuck my hand in a socket.

Hairstyles I have had (whoops all these pics are so big. Sorry about that):

Short cut that curled like a poodle (before I was grey but this is what it would look like now except without the regal aspect or the hat) I should also say that it grew out perpendicular to my head which was horrifying.


Short cut brushed out(not exact but you get the idea):


every bad eighties hairstyle (which I should point out I achieved without product/perms due to the volume/bad cut) This picture is not me but it is an example of awfulness I endured way past the 80s.

So now I just trim the ends myself and wear it back in a braid that I can pin up if I feel like it or it's hot out. There is still some frizz (but not as much because I braid it wet) and flyaways, but at least it isn't too too horrible and is out of my face. I hate having hair flopping into my mouth. It takes roughly 2 minutes to deal with in the morning once I'm out of the shower. This makes sense to me. If spending more time on it would make my hair would look good (15 minutes to an hour say) I might be into it. But I've spent so much time on it in the past and never gotten good results so I'm skeptical that this could change. If it's gonna look weird no matter what I do I might as well be efficient about it. My hair is also gray/white. I'm allergic to hair dyes (and a lot of products and shampoos as well actually) so I can't dye it.


My sister, who recently got a great haircut and so is now a convert to hairstylists as life changing events, has been nagging me to get a better haircut so that I look younger. She thinks (probably correctly) that it will help in my job search.

Hairstyles I would love but am not sure I could pull off (either due to hair type or general fatness or style-at-home-difficulty or just lack of chicness?)



My job search has not gone well. I have been rejected over and over and over again supposedly on the basis of my qualifications. It has been soul crushing and awful and has made me terribly bitter, not to mention chronically broke. If I get a new haircut and spend too much time and money on it in the morning and angst about it and then go to more interviews and still get turned down? It will be a whole new layer of horrible that I honestly don't think I could stand.


What I'm afraid I'll look like which will NOT help my job prospects at all (no disrespect meant to this presumably nice person):

Tl;dr What this boils down to is that I guess I'm asking for tips or suggestions or something about what I should do with my hair. Which isn't terribly specific at all. Hence my dilemma. I don't even know where to start. Or if I should start. Blargggh.