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After years and years of searching for the perfect shampoo and conditioner for my thick curly unruly hair, I have finally found ones I like. They’re not perfect, but they do all the things I need shampoo and conditioner to do (clean, not overdry, not create more frizz, moisturize, smell decent). Yes, I’ve tried Deva Curl and no poo and fancy curl lines and drugstore curl lines and non-curl lines and cheap stuff that my mom has in her shower and designer stuff that my friend has in her shower and not showering and over-showering and hair masks and “all natural” hippie environmentally-friendly stuff that I wish would work on my hair so I could eliminate some of my guilt about packaging and things I put down the drain. Some of it works ok and some of it sucks and some of it’s good for a while and then before I know it I hate it but I bought a giant bottle and I have to use it up. And now I have found a shampoo and conditioner that I have liked long enough to use up the travel-sized samples I had and then to purchase real-sized bottles. And they’re almost used up. And I need more. But it’s so expensive. SO EXPENSIVE. It’s the exact same price on Amazon as it is on Sephora. SO WHAT DO I DO?!*

* I’m worried I know the answer: I pay $60 for each bottle in the giant bulk size, because then it will last longer and I’ll feel less guilty about buying plastic bottles all the time. And I’ll buy it from Sephora because then I’ll at least get some free samples of something else really expensive and unnecessary from them and feel like I’m getting some kind of warped bargain. :/


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