Welp! I didn't entirely destroy the bathroom for once! It's been about two or so years since I've dyed the locks - so take that you healthy shits. Now you're as damaged as my lungs.

Speaking of, I can't go outside to smoke because my across the way neighbors mistakenly believe I am a doctor and I am attempting to appear very professional in front of them. That I keep odd hours only adds to my charm, but sans-bra white-tank puff puffing with a bunch of black-ass smelly gunk in my hair may make her think I am a psychiatrist. Of the worst sort.

I've had this shit on for about a half an hour now. Which is as long as it says to leave it on. How long do you usually keep this shit on for? Color is black, for the record. Was going to go nuttier but I've fallen in love with Prison Donna on Orange is the New Black soo.

Hi. You're attractive.