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Hair Enlargement Help Request

I am a backup singer in a soul band* and we have a big show in mid-September opening for Swamp Dogg (who, besides being a great soul musician, created the worst album cover in history).

I'm really excited about this, and I want to look my best for the show. We have a kind of early 60s sound, so I thought I would try to make my hair into a kind of bouffant, but I don't actually know how to do that. I'm the kind of girl who refuses to do more than comb my hair, and most days I don't even manage to do that.

My inspiration is the hair of 60s girl groups like The Supremes and The Shirelles.


I have, however, what my mom calls "greasy white girl hair" (it's a wavy/curly shaggy mid-neck length bob with growing out bangs at the moment) and I know it's beyond my skill level to get a real helmet-like bouffant, so I'm also taking Adele as inspiration for a softer, more modern interpretation of the look.

I checked out youtube and found some good tutorials and purchased a back combing brush, a blow dryer, a rounder brush (mostly for straightening my bangs) and some hair spray and I'm ready to spend the next 2 weeks experiment, but if any of you have helpful tips, I would appreciate your sharing them with me.


Here's what I'm working with:


#giantphoto #thankskinja #nomakeup

And, for your listening pleasure, here's my favorite song the band covers, "60 Minutes of Your Love," by Homer Banks.

*I'm gathering my thoughts for a post about my concerns about the possible cultural appropriation aspect of this...

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