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Hair experts in the house?

Yo people,

My mum used to be a hairdresser, and I remember her telling me that asian (specifically east asian) hair requires completely different cutting techniques to the vast majority of caucasian hair types, due to the way the cuticle falls (or something, I forget). One of my old flatmates once confirmed this to me by telling me she had to go to a specialist Japanese hairdressers in London in order to get her hair cut, else it was a mess.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew whether this difference in hair also had an effect on particular hair styling techniques.


I only ask because I have been looking into hot rollers, which I might use on my hair for the wedding. But I noticed that most of the videos I watch are women who seem to be of asian descent (I fucking hate that expression, but is there a better way to put it?). I only know one American woman well enough (I follow her vlogs) to say for sure that she is of filipino origin.

I've noticed on these women, their hair takes to the rollers SO well. It looks stunning, every time. Meanwhile, the videos I've seen of women with caucasian hair..it just looks nowhere near as good. Ever. It looks sort of..limp?

What I can't figure out is if the difference to due to the innate structure of the hair itself, or if it's because the latter group of women have very damaged hair from dyeing it a lot, or if it's because they are wearing extensions....etc.

I don't really want to fork out a lot of money for rollers if they are not going to look particularly good, but at the same time, my hair is now completely natural (as in, no dye at all), I don't have extensions (and never have done), etc.


Does anyone have any advice?

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