I went for a badly needed haircut today. I asked for an angled Bob. There was no discussion of bangs, I didn’t have bangs when I came in. She gave me bangs. Weird long bangs that won’t stay out of my eyes! What the hell do I do with these things to make it stop?

When I pointed out they were falling in my eyes, she pulled out a straightening iron and used it on them. Which did nothing. I don’t know a lot about hair, but I am not sure how that was supposed to help.


After she cut them, she asked if they were ok, or should she make them shorter.I don’t want bangs, so I’d rather not have them shorter and have to spend even longer growing these out.

I also don’t want to use hairspray, as there’s something in hairspray that I react to. I have limited hair styling ability and poor fine motor skills. I don’t want to resort to hair clip, because I am not 12. Is there anything else I can do?

I swear, I need some sort of hair dresser checklist, because frequently when I got for a cut, they end up doing something we didn’t discuss, and I hadn’t considered. I don’t understand how she could ask me how long I wanted it in back, without discussing the bangs. *sigh*

ETA: I don't think I have accurately conveyed how inept I am with hair. I have never worn my hair in braids ever, because I can't do them without them being utterly lumpy and weird. I don't own own a flat iron or a curling iron, and wouldn't know what to do with them.