I've been coloring my hair since I was 12, that's almost 20 years. The only time it's been more than 50% natural color is when I had a chelsea cut when I was 16. I've always loved having unnatural color, but in the last 5 years or so, I've toned it down to a colored streak or tips. I haven't even had those for over a year. I keep thinking I'm too old to be doing that stuff anymore. After my bad day yesterday, I decided, fuck it, I need something for me. And I thought about ProfessorPink, Napsauce, and Medusa. I'm a freakin' housewife. At some point I'll get a real job, but for now, I'm going to do what I want while I can!

So, here's my picture from the Friday Faces post. Very dark brown, black at the ends because my hair is so damaged it sucks up color like what.

Here's after using some Feria super-ultra-mega-platinum blonde stuff. I think I've gotten better results from their extra bleach blonde kit. I like their stuff. It works pretty well and I don't have to measure and mix salon bleach. I don't know where my eyebrow went in this picture. It looks kinda freaky.


I've done orange before, it's my favorite color and it doesn't stain skin nearly as much as any other color. I used Manic Panic Tiger Lily and Electric Lava. I mixed a whole tub of each and used the entirety of it on my hair. I have a lot of hair. I let it sit for two hours and I'm loving the result! This is how I usually wear my hair.

And here's my painful attempt at a Hipster Ariel pic because my glasses are kind of hipster.


I also got my gift swap package from Alter-Ego! Nail polish, cookies, AND brownies. I'm going to have to fight my kids for the sweets. Maybe I can share. Maybe.