I'm getting a little bit freaked out by the amount of hair I've been losing. I have always had thick, sort of frizzy hair. I can always remember losing a bit of hair in the shower and from brushing, but never enough to bother me or make any sort of dent in my thick frizzy mane. That's no longer the case.

My hair has never been this thin in my life. It scares me the amount that comes out from wearing my hair up, in the shower, and when brushing. So much so that I'm afraid to brush my hair any more than I absolutely must. I'm afraid to running my fingers through my hair. I'm afraid to put it up in a pony because I don't want to damage or break any more than necessary, and have resorted to just putting in a loose side braid hoping not to hurt it.

It's gone from unmanageably thick, to scary thin. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease earlier this year, and was really hoping the hair loss would stop or slow down once I was on replacement hormones, but that doesn't seem to be happening. It's something I'll be discussing with my endocrinologist next visit, but until then I need the hive mind!

Anyone have any tips for super thin, breakable hair? Ways to prevent it? ANYTHING AT ALL. I really do not think I can pull off bald.