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Hair, LOVE

This is the color I used, 8RG, Rose Gold Blonde and I hope it’s not a special edition because I’m loving it! Let me show you mah hair!

First, indoor, standard incandescent lighting (yes, I’m classy as hell with the bra/cami, I know) that really shows the non-brassy golden “rose” blonde (and areas I seriously need to re-curl):


Now, lookitatitinthesun! (bonus, wrinkles! puffy eyelids! - damn I want eyelid surgery sooo bad, sooooo vain)


I also trimmed it myself using the “gather everything to your forehead and point cut method popular for long layers on youtube, and yeah, I’m seriously thrilled with it!

I was terrified it was going to be brassy because my hair (used to be white-blonde as a kid, faded to meh blondish brown to really brown with gray at the roots as I aged) reallllly wants to go brass with anything but straight white highlights anyway, but it’s just awesome, and I cannot believe the level of highlights that came out of this permanent boxed dye.


Also, I am not sideways... but kinja may kinja me that way.

eta: Hey, unfollower, toldya

eta2: This is day 2 after a shower, btw. Anyone who’s gone blonde knows that right out of the shower it’s fab, but then day 2 is like “oh, uh, yeah, back to the shower...”

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